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 Parent & Student Handbook 2016-2017 (Hillsborough)

 Breakfast and Snack Menu

 K-8 Lunch Menu

 9-12 Lunch Menu

 2017 Out of Field Letter

Testing Information

  Spring 2016 Statewide Testing Calendar – includes statewide testing dates by grade level and/or subject area

  Computer-Based FSA Parent Letter – for 4th-9th grade ELA, 5th-8th grade Math, and Algebra 1 EOC

  PaperBased FSA Parent Letter – for 3rd grade ELA/Math, 4th-7th grade Writing, 4th grade Math

  NGSSS EOC Parent Letter – for Biology 1 and Civics EOCs

  Statewide Science Assessment Parent Letter – for 5th and 8th grade